Ramadan Series – Ajiza (30 sections of the Quran)

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Assalam alaikum & peace to all.

I wanted to publish the 30 sections “Ajiza”(sections) of the Quran – During Ramadan it is highly encouraged to read the Quran – these 30 Juz (singular of Ajiza) make it easy to read one section each day of Ramadan therefore by the end of it you will have Inshallah finished all of the Quran in the 30 days!

  • Juz’ 1- Al Fatiha 1 – Al Baqarah 141
  • Juz’ 2- Al Baqarah 142 – Al Baqarah 252
  • Juz’ 3 -Al Baqarah 253 – Al Imran 92
  • Juz’ 4 -Al Imran 93 – An Nisaa 23
  • Juz’ 5 – An Nisaa 24 – An Nisaa 147
  • Juz’ 6 – An Nisaa 148 – Al Ma’idah 81
  • Juz’ 7 – Al Ma’idah 82 – Al An’am 110
  • Juz’ 8 – Al An’am 111 – Al A’raf 87
  • Juz’ 9 – Al A’raf 88 – Al Anfal 40
  • Juz’ 10 – Al Anfal 41 – At Tauba 92
  • Juz’ 11 – At Tauba 93 – Hud 5
  • Juz’ 12 – Hud 6 – Yusuf 52
  • Juz’ 13 – Yusuf 53 – Ibrahim 52
  • Juz’ 14 – Al Hijr 1 – An Nahl 128
  • Juz’ 15 – Al Isra (or Bani Isra’il) 1 – Al Kahf 74
  • Juz’ 16 – Al Kahf 75 – Ta Ha 135
  • Juz’ 17 – Al Anbiyaa 1 – Al Hajj 78
  • Juz’ 18 – Al Muminum 1 – Al Furqan 20
  • Juz’ 19 – Al Furqan 21 – An Naml 55
  • Juz’ 20 – An Naml 56 – Al Ankabut 45
  • Juz’ 21 – Al Ankabut 46 – Al Azhab 30
  • Juz’ 22 – Al Azhab 31 – Ya Sin 27
  • Juz’ 23 – Ya Sin 28 – Az Zumar 31
  • Juz’ 24 – Az Zumar 32 – Fussilat 46
  • Juz’ 25 – Fussilat 47 – Al Jathiya 37
  • Juz’ 26 – Al Ahqaf 1 – Az Zariyat 30
  • Juz’ 27 – Az Zariyat 31 – Al Hadid 29
  • Juz’ 28 – Al Mujadila 1 – At Tahrim 12
  • Juz’ 29 – Al Mulk 1 – Al Mursalat 50
  • Juz’ 30 – An Nabaa 1 – An Nas 6

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10 Responses to “Ramadan Series – Ajiza (30 sections of the Quran)”

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insha’allah 🙂 or just buy a quran with the different parts marked in it 😀 although Ive realised they are harder to come by after everyones comments last year. Allahu alim. May we all read and absorb and gain barakah from the rememberance of Allah (swt) as we read his blessed book during this month ameen

You know I have never seen a Quran that had the parts marked off like that! I always have to remind myself every year how the parts are divided. I think maybe I’ll print it off and place it close to my copy of Quran.

thanks a lot for this! This will be my first time reading quran during ramadan. good luck to all and ramadan karim!

i pray and i wish i could finish the Holy Quran by the end of ramadhan…insyaAllah…lets do it together…May Allah always bless us…amin…=)

thanks a lot for posting the 30 sections of the Quran here…i have been looking for it almost two days since i only have Quran in my laptop without any section devided into 30 section…may God always Bless u…(“,)

Asalamu aleykum warahmatulahi wabarkatuhu. My message is I need to read qur’an on the computer so I found on enternet I didn’t see anythings. So I just went to say put qur’an on Internet. Thank you.

Wa aliakum assalam

You can find many sites which have the quran online
I like this one it has many different languages as well
or try this one, you can hear the recitation as well


I’m actually looking to where I can buy a Qur’an that’s already divided into sections. My dad (Allah yerhamu) bought one in Saudi Arabia a long time ago, but it was a special edition so my sister isn’t sure if they still sell it. But I hope they still do coz it is indeed a lot easier to use, and my dad always uses it during our taraweeh in ramadhan and we always finish reciting the Qur’an by the last day of ramadhan. 🙂

i need names of all 30 sections of Quran in english
plz help me

I am looking for the last three sections (30, 29, 28) with English translation. Do you know where I can get that

Jazak Allah! Thank you so much for simplifying this for me. I have been looking online to bye the Siparas translated into english so I could read a siparah by day as I didn’t know how the divisions worked. This will enable me to keep a copy of the parts with my Quran and Insha’Allah I will start reading one part daily now.
If anyone knows where I could purchase the Sipara 1 – 30 with English translations please let me know. I would love to have one collection in our home so the children may each read along with me.

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