Dhikr ~ Remembrance of God

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Assalam alaikum

As new muslims we sometimes get bombarded with too much information and feel that we need to learn things instantly to be able to ‘pratice’ our religion correctly. Well, we are all human and things just do not work out that easily, we need time and patience to perform our prayers, to recite Quran, or even simply to just ‘live’ as a muslim. I am posting this thread to help with the
Dhikr – it is the remebrance of Allah ~ we must try and remember to thank God each and every day of our lives. Here are some established methods of
doing Dhikr…please keep them in mind… when your mind wanders…let it wander in the praise of God!


The most well known dhikr is saying:

Subhanallah 33 times
Al Hamduallah 33 times
Allahu Akhbar 33 times

From this Hadith:
He (saas) is reported as saying: “Whoever glorifies Allah at the end of every Salaat 33 times (subhanallah), and praises Allah 33 times (Al-hamdulillah), and utters the word of Greatness 33 times, (Allahu Akbar) that is ninety nine, then completes it with one hundred, saying:
`Laa ilaha illallah wahdahu laa sharika lahuu lahul Mulk wa lahul hamd wa huwa `alaa k ulli shay in qadeer,
his shortcomings will be forgiven, even if it is as large as the froth of the sea.” (Muslim)  

This can be done after saying your Salah ~ You finish your salah with saying of ‘assalam alaikum wa rahmatuallah’, while turning your head to the right and left. Then you may recite 3 times ‘astaghfirullah’ (I seek Allah’s forgiveness)
From this Hadith:

Thauban (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Whenever the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) finished his Salat (prayer), he would beg forgiveness three times [by saying, `Astaghfirullah’ (3 times) ~ ‘ Imam Al-Auza`i (one of the subnarrators) of this Hadith was asked: “How forgiveness should be sought?” He replied: “I say: Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah (I seek forgiveness from Allah. I seek forgiveness from Allah).”
and then say the above Dhikr

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