Good deeds and forgiveness of sins

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Assalam alaikum & peace to all who read this

I drift back sometimes to the days when I was not Muslim and try to think what would have happened if I had not converted?  I cannot know, and am not sure I want to know what would have happened, but Subhanallah (glory to God) that I do not have to worry about that.  I also think about all my good and bad deeds in my life, will those also be carried over to my ‘new’ life?  Islam is the Truth and a way of living life, it is a comfort to know that my previous sins are absolved and that all my good deeds have remained!

Forgiveness for All Previous Sins

When someone converts to Islam, God forgives all of his previous sins and evil deeds.  A man called Amr came to the Prophet Muhammad  and said, “Give me your right hand so that I may give you my pledge of loyalty.”  The Prophet  stretched out his right hand.  Amr withdrew his hand.  The Prophet  said: {What has happened to you, O Amr?} He replied, “I intend to lay down a condition.”  The Prophet  asked: {What condition do you intend to put forward?} Amr said, “That God forgive my sins.”  The Prophet  said: {Didn’t you know that converting to Islam erases all previous sins?}1
After converting to Islam, the person will be rewarded for his or her good and bad deeds according to the following saying of the Prophet Muhammad : {Your Lord, Who is blessed and exalted, is most merciful.  If someone intends to do a good deed but does not do it, a good deed will be recorded for him.  And if he does do it, (a reward of) ten to seven hundred or many more times (the reward of the good deed), will be recorded for him.  And if someone intends to do a bad deed but does not do it, a good deed will be recorded for him.  And if he does do it, a bad deed will be recorded against him or God will wipe it out.}2[

A nice article about how to teach children to do ‘good deeds’ everyday, I thought it fitting as we are ‘reverts’ – sometimes childlike in our wonder and learning! (At least I feel that way!)

Developing Character :recording one good deed a day.

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