The Mu’min’s Ascension

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Assalam Alaikum

I came across this article recently and found it amazing! Alhamduillah – this article has answered one of my long time questions (a question that I have never gotten a good answer for!) It is about the line in our Salah when we offer the blessings on the Prophet – I could never understand (did not make sense to me) why the Prophet would be sending blessings on himself? It is said that we should pray as the Prophet did, and the line is “Peace be upon you, O Prophet, and the mercy and blessings of Allah” it is spoken in the 3rd person and that did not make any sense to me at all… well this article has answered my question!!

Hope you enjoy it!

The Mu’min’s Ascension
November 8th, 2007 by nuruddinzangi

Assalatu M’iraj al-Mu’min

The greatest gift that Allah bestowed on the Muslim Ummah during the Mi’raj, or Ascent of the Prophet Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, is the 5 daily Salaat prayers.

And it is as if Allah Most High, out of His great generosity, wanted the rest of the Ummah to have their own mi’raj and so made our salaat our mi’raj. “The Salaat is the M’iraj of the Believer” is a famous Islamic teaching, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I want to share my thoughts on some of the aspects that make this prayer like the mi’raj.

1) The Ascent of the Messenger of Allah took him to such a nearness to Allah, that the archangel Gabriel, made of light, said that if he accompanied him to that last station he would burn up. Now, this nearness is not in a physical sense, Exalted is Allah above such a thing.

The great Imam Ibn Daqiq al-Eid, considered the greatest scholar and mujaddid of the 7th Islamic century, was asked the following question: What is the meaning of the Prophet’s saying, pbuh, “Do not say I am better than Jonah son of Amittai” despite the fact that he said, pbuh, “I am the master of the children of Adam.” He said to his questioners, “I will not tell you until you pay off the debt of this friend of mine”, for he had a friend who had a debt, and they paid it off. So he said, “What is meant by that is: My nearness to Allah Most High during my ascent to the Tree of the Uttermost End, nay to the Divine Throne, is like the nearness of Jonah when he was in three darknesses, there is no superiority between us in that.” In other words, when Jonah prayed to Allah from within the belly of a whale in the dark depths of the ocean, he was as near to Allah as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when he was beyond the 7th heaven, where the lights were so powerful that they would burn Gabriel. There is a tradition: that an angel came from above the seven heavens, and one from below the seven earths, an angel from the far west and an angel from the far east, and they all said “I came from where Allah is”.

Thus just as the Mi’raj took the Messenger (pbuh) to the greatest nearness to Allah Most High, so does our Salaat prayer, for the Messenger peace be upon him told us, “The nearest a servant of Allah comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself”, that is, during the sujood, “so make supplications in that state.”

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