How to tell your parents …. I’m a muslim

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Salam and peace to you all.  I’ve been contemplating this issue in my head for about three years now, ever since I become Muslim. (yes I still have not told them… Inshallah one day I will have the courage) So, along these lines I found the article below… click the title of the article to read the rest.  Inshallah (God-willing) it will help with your questions!!


For some muslim converts telling their family of their decision is no problem at all. Some families of converts are very happy at the choice to become a muslim, and it is welcomed. Unfortunately though for other converts this is a difficult process, with various obstacles to face.

This page is designed to help new converts through this experience, or perhaps even ‘old’ converts who have kept their new religion hidden for some time. There is no magical answer as all families are different and will inevitably react in various ways. However, if we cannot provide exact answers, we can certainly go a long way to helping converts feel more comfortable in this situation, and by sharing with each other we will all grow stronger and more able to face problems inshaAllah.

Before we get into the possible family problems and the suggested solutions we should first emphasize that although some converts have some problems, there are many others who do not. This page is designed to help those who are met with obstacles, so may, unavoidably, come across as negative. So please remember that some families of converts are very happy that their relative has converted. Some reasons for the happy reactions are as follows:

  • they are happy that the relative concerned has found God.
  • they are happy that the relative concerned will be leading a moral life, especially in this day and age.
  • the family have seen the happiness that the relative concerned has found and this in turn makes them happy.
  • they are pleased that the relative concerned now has discipline and stability in their life.
  • families knowledgable about Islam, although they may not convert themselves, realise the truth about Islam (as opposed to the propaganda).

Please remember that the anticipation of telling your family about your new religion is often worse than the reality. We find that we re-run the moment over and over in our minds, imagining the worst possible outcome. Then, when we come to actually having the discussion, things go much better than expected.

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